Digital Painting Workshop 2016


For this workshop, we will be introducing and reinforcing art and design fundamentals, including perspective, value, colour and composition, as well as strengthening your intuition to create compelling designs and images. This workshop will heavily focus on live demonstrations from both entertainment and industrial design perspectives, and applying theory into creativity, ultimately blending the two. What you will learn can be applied into any art and design related fields. Having a small class with two instructors, you will be able to see different ways of creative thinking and technical approaches, and also have 1 on 1 feedback and paint-overs. The workshop will be carried out in a casual easy-going manner, explaining theory in a clear and visual way. It will be fun!


Workshop Content

  • Implementing basic perspective techniques through the image making process
  • Understanding tonal value and its importance
  • Understanding composition and arrange elements within the image or object to push storytelling
  • Learning the relationship between colour and light
  • Understanding design fundamentals and how it applies in all visual aspects
  • Learning how to build a strong portfolio that reflects your unique personality
  • Insight into the art and design industry, and freelancing
  • Personal growth – learning how to overcome problems and more importantly being who you are

Ideal for

This workshop is designed to introduce digital painting techniques to aspiring artists and designers, ranging from beginner to intermediate levels. It is for anyone who wishes to realise and grow their creative potential.


Recommended background

A basic understanding of Photoshop will be beneficial.

Your interest and enthusiasm!



We will be utilising digital medium (Photoshop) and have computers and tablets for participants to use, however you are most welcome to bring your own laptop and tablet.

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Any usage of the artworks is prohibited without the written permission in advance from pic1studio.